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EzLogic Data System is an industry leader in customizable point of sale systems and warehouse management.

Its products cover a lifetime of capacity growth for retail store outlets and chains, as well as inventory warehousing. An integrated solution for tracking serialized and non-serialized inventory, the modules offer decision making tools for ordering, fulfillment ease for sales order processing, and metric reporting for sales tracking.

EzLogic Data System prides itself on meeting the needs of its customers. Through experience, it has developed core products that establish a strong operating platform for any company. Whether using these core products alone, or in tandem with enhancements and customizations, the solution is EZ.

Reduce errors and avoid profit losses with automated management of cellular activation tracking. Trace phone activations using electronic serial numbers to properly record commissions, price protection, returns and RMAs. Minimize keystrokes and ease overhead costs with a solution that incorporates all business aspects of your cellular operation.

Every Ez Logic product is highly customizable and is tailor-built to your company's needs. Allow us to help you manage your business better. Register Today, take advantage of the 1 Month FREE Trial!

RT POS is designed for the wireless retail industry using a Tier 1 Data center with 100% power SLA and 100% Fiber Optic Network. RT POS is built on a robust and stable platform. Free 1 month trial.

What Our Clients Say

What some of our customers say about our Products & Services.

  • O. Masri
    Owner - Clearcomm Wireless

    Running 50+ store chain on RTPOS and using the BDI is priceless!!

    N. Hamama
    C.O.O - Wireless Toyz

    We have been using RT POS across all our franchise chain. We love it!

  • M. Farida
    Owner - Wireless Toyz AZ

    We love the SMS feature. We generate many sales from it.

    B. Bishay
    Owner - Diamond Communication

    The Qpay integration on the main page of the POS is amazing. Making a payment is a breeze.

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