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    Alphacomm API Integration
    Direct API in RT POS
    Automatic Alphacomm Order to PO Creation
    Automatic New SKU recognition from Order
    Seamless download of Alphacomm Receipt
    Ability to Physically scan vs PO
    Save money and hours with Dropship Integration
    Capabilities exclusive to RT POS
    ERP Alphacomm API for Warehouse and Portal
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    Streamline your business...
    Ez Logic Data Systems
    EASY to use - no technical skills required
    Minimum Hardware Requirements
    Track and manage Employees & Inventory
    Qpay API Integration /Metro by T-Mobile ASAP Integration
    Widgets, Metrics and Charts
    Realtime Business Dashboard Intelligence (BDI)
    Integration with Master Dealer's ERP system
    Multi store discount available
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    1 Click
    Qpay5.0 Inventory
    Fully Integrated
    Uploads MPCS Handsts ONLY!
    No Need to Export/Import CSV
    On Auto Download from Portal
    With Dropship File Integration
    Integrated on Inner-store Transfers
    Dedicated Qpay Inventory Management Screen
    Accurate Transfers with Branch ID Capture
    All Integrated Inside RT POS
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    Calidus Reconciliation
    With 1 click...
    Consolidated Report
    Qualified & Disqualified
    Rebates & Price Protection
    Spiffs and Commissions
    Audits, Unpaid and Variance Reports
    Expected Commissions / Price Schedule
    Excel Import or Auto download from Master dealer portal
    Multi store discount available
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    Preferred Metro by T-Mobile
    Customizable widgets
    Integrated Qpay, Edge/API, Calidus, and more
    Employee Performance Widgets
    SMS Notifications & Alerts
    CRM & Marketing tools
    Realtime data across your chain
    Multi store discount available
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    Cloud based POS
    Real time Data & Reportings
    Integrated Activation Wizards
    Metro by T-Mobile, ASAP, Edge, API
    Calidus Reporting Integration
    Item Bundling & Coupons
    Integrated Price Schedule
    Easily Track Port-in and Add-A-Line
    Min-Max Price settings
    Integrated Repair Module

Introducing RT POS

Customizable, robust, scalable, cloud based wireless management system.

Cloud Based CRM

Realtime access, Multi Carrier Ready, Full Inventory Management, Charts, Metrics, Widgets and More.

Realtime Online Reporting

BDI Reb Reporting. Using our Business Dashboard Intelligence, you can access vital store data in realtime accross your entire network.

ASAP & Qpay Integration

2-Way integration with ASAP Metro by T-Mobile Activation. From POS to ASAP and from ASAP back to POS for accurate and fast activation.

Master Dealer Ready

Integrates directly with Master dealer Backend system, dealer portal, automatic inventory download.

And many more features...

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