Experience the best features ever

Cloud Based CRM

Realtime access, Carrier Ready, Full Inventory Management, Charts, Metrics, Widgets and More.

Custom APIs

Let the system do the heavy lifting by connecting your major systems via our dynamic APIs and save time and frustration.

Carrier Activation Integration

Two way integration with primary carrier back end activation and promotions platform. Sync the POS and Billing Platform in real time to qualify the transaction so you can reconciliate easier!

Master Dealer Ready

Integrates directly with Master dealer Backend system, dealer portal, automatic inventory download.

Accessory Vendor 1-Click Integrations

Streamline your product ordering by importing the latest product catalog and ensure your SKUs are clean and pricing is accurate by leveraging our direct feeds to your preferred distributors.

Deep Payment Integrations

Tightly integrated path-thru integration allowing service, activation and other types of payments to be completed within the sales checkout flow.

Integrated Repair Module

Our POS has an Integrated Repair Module to help you track repairs, labor, parts, and customer CRM.

Real-Time Analytics

Whether your a store operator or carrier, access vital KPIs important to your business at the door level or distribution chain to gain quick insights and take action.

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What our POS solution can do for you

Integrated Activation Wizards

Save money, time, and frustration with our integrated activation wizards. We custom built each Wizard to be as simple as possible, while following all the carrier business rules, so that you get paid.

Callidus Reporting Integration & Reconciliation

Keep track in realtime what your expecting to earn for each activation as it happens. Then track it till you get paid, and even reconcile directly with RTPOS invoices.

Direct Warehouse Integration

Our ERP solution will integrate your warehouse directly to each door. For accurate transfers, and easy shipments direct to dealers.

Realtime SMS Notification

Alerts from POS to owners/admins for vital processes, such as Voids, Buy-Backs, Refunds, Inventory Adjustments, etc.

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